In a significant leap forward for the manufacturing sector, the DMaaST project has officially commenced in Sevilla, Spain. Gathering partners from across Europe, the project’s inaugural meeting took place on May 7-8, setting the stage for a transformative four-year journey. The DMaaST project is dedicated to enhancing the resilience of the manufacturing ecosystem through the integration of smart, innovative technologies. With 12 key milestones laid out, the project promises to revolutionize the industry. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our European partners, whose commitment and expertise are pivotal in shaping the future of manufacturing. Join us as we embark on this exciting venture, where collaboration and innovation meet to redefine possibilities.

DMAAST: Innovative modelling and assessment capabilities through Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) for manufacturing ecosystem resiliency.

DMaaST aims to enhance the manufacturing ecosystem’s resiliency and capability of self-adaptation in response to external events. It is achieved through a Smart Manufacturing Platform comprising four layers:

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